3 Tier Copper Pipe and Wood Industrial Style Corner Unit


Designed and bespoke made by Brenmacdesigns, this Copper Pipe & Wood Industrial Style Corner Unit is yet another statement piece made exclusively by us.

The corner unit is a brand new line designed to both amaze and delight both your visitors and yourself! It will look fabulous in any room of your home and an ideal accompaniment in the kitchen or lounge, craft room or bedroom.

Perfect for storage or for displaying your collectables, or for storage of any kind.

The unit is comprised of brand new Natural Copper, wire wooled and polished to a high shine, the copper will age naturally over time, becoming darker and showing its natural patina. Once the unit is complete it is lacquered to give it that rose gold satin sheen. The joints are bonded and therefore show the sleek clean lines and stunning look. If you prefer to keep the high shine finish you can use Brasso or something similar from time to time. 

The wooden shelving is made of reclaimed wood, where possible, which has been sanded and waxed.

If you have any questions or special requests please, contact us, we are happy to design something unique and special just for you!


H 90cm x W 50cm x D 50cm

All our range is made entirely by hand. This means that our items are bespoke, therefore there may be some minor imperfections. All items are strictly made to order for you personally, therefore the photographs may slightly differ to the actual product and some of the photos added are from clients who have given us the permission to use. All items are pre sanded with fine wire wool and polished but it is not always possible to remove every imperfection.

Please seek expert advice with any installation.


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