Beautiful back bar that measures 1 metre by 1 metre custom made by us as a Christmas gift….Lucky lady!

Welcome to our work. Here we have a selection of items which have been commissioned by our clients. We take great pride in our work.

Please feel free to contact us with any design you have in mind as we love to take on new ideas and commissions. We are happy to work with you on design and size.

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  1. Timothy Palmer


    I am looking for a stand similar to your copper pipe photograph frame but to hold a fused glass picture mounted in a wooden frame which measures 23 cm width x 43 cm height. I want a stand as to see the picture to its best effect it needs to be backlit against a window. The stand should be mounted on four feet circa 20 cms high to raise it to the window and clear of the window sill. Is this something you might be interested in making for me?

    Best regards

    Tim Palmer

    1. Brenmac Designs

      Hi Tim
      Thanks for the e mail.
      Yes it is something I could do for you.
      Could you contact me via whatsapp on 07706152042 please and we can discuss it .
      Kind regards

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