The cat with 9 lives, Grumpy Cat the Legend has died….

The internet sensation Grumpy Cat has run out of lives.

Sadly this has been confirmed by the BBC News today.

Although I am not a cat lover I did find the internet sensation Grumpy Cat really funny and I certainly warmed to her. Maybe it was that permanent scowl or the ever present resting bitch face. Who knows as millions like me just enjoyed the fun of this feline sensation.

Her continual grumpy look was actually down to feline dwarfism and an under bite. Being only 5 ft 2″ myself I can resonate with how difficult being “vertically challenged” can be. Many people would say I scowl a lot whilst concentrating on my design ideas!

Grumpy cat had over 2 million Instagram followers, which is 2 million more than I have! My last count was a couple of hundred followers. Seriously though guys I am terrible at all this internet stuff but to be trounced by a pussy cat does actually smart a bit! I suppose though that following her cat antics does give light relief in an ever changing world. My only real surprise is that @potus hasn’t yet tweeted about this ! Or maybe its because poor old Grumpy Cat only had 1.5 million viewers as opposed to The Donald having about 13 million. I am sure he will give his condolences at some point as Grumpy was a great ambassador for the USA.

It appears I have once again been trounced by a cat. I sure haven’t travelled the world in first class style or had a wax work made by Madame Tussauds, but I live in hope.

So R.I.P Grumpy Cat and thanks for the laughs you shared with us humans. You will be missed I am sure by many of us.

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