The Big Move to Wales !

New Premises and New Designs

When we started our new business we never really knew how well it would be received as to be honest it is a bit of a niche market . With that view we started small and in no time at all we had grown! We expanded our lines but quickly outgrew our workshop.

As with any new small business it is a learning curve once you start up. So many things to consider and equipment to buy. Industrial style draws inspiration from many of the old factories that that can be seen on the urban landscape. Exposed architecture like beams, steel reinforcements, and old weathered wood textures, all add to industrial design’s strong visual characteristics. Lots of modern spaces take on industrial influences with varying degrees of concrete and exposed metal piping, creating a cavernous, no-frills vibe. Whether you want to resurrect an old space or want to add industrial decor in your current home, there are some easy ways to incorporate this stripped-back and laid bare design.

There are so many ways to construct items and varying materials to use. Anything which appears aged,or even battered battered and worn is spot on in any industrial interior design. Think monochrome, minimalist, metal and copper. Metal-based material, like steel and iron, are a huge part in Industrial design. Personally i love the rose gold tones of copper and the simply stunning shades on it when it begins to oxidise. The pigmentation of metal is inspiring and opens up a complete colour palette of possibilities for paintwork in any room. Added to this the natural tones of reclaimed wood and you have a marriage made in heaven,

We have tried to make a basic range of items and to build literally from that. We adore being asked to design new items and various furniture for that certain space that you just can’t fill. The decor is certainly eye catching and a real talking point. It is really about following your instincts and breaking away from the normal decoration the home mentality .

Well we certainly achieved our aims and have been really successful in our business venture, wether its due to the love we have for our work or the ultimate professionalism, I just don’t know, but we have so many returning customers!

So…. we needed to move and get a bigger and better work space. If you had asked us a few years ago if we would end up living on a smallholding in Wales we probably would have laughed. But guess what ? Here we are in the most beautiful place we could ever imagine! Honest to god how we ever get any work done is beyond me! We have a converted barn which is now our workshop, which has enabled us to start working with black steel and other heavier metals. Our range is really starting to expand and our inspiration is the wonderful colours and textures around us.

I have attached a small video of the views from the workshop for you to enjoy! This is the beautiful county of Carmarthen and all it has to offer!

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