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New Designs for Malleable Metals…

Due to popular demand, we have a new metal pipe range, alternatively known as malleable metals. These are metals that you can shape or flatten without cracking.  Commonly, seen as black metal pipes, funky and industrial looking. Black Steel is a really wicked piece of home decor too!

In future we may add a range of products that may come flat packed which require some self assembly using a step by step guide.

The nemesis of any small business is the cost of shipping. Most couriers go on the length, width and depth of an item and all these factors add up to large costs. As a business we have always absorbed an element of these costs rather than passing them on to our clients. We always use couriers where possible as this guarantees a good quality service that’s trackable. We also like our customers to have a time slot via the courier, or the facility to make alternative delivery requests.

We are also very aware of the fact that many people prefer to receive actual ready assembled items too. I would be really interested in any feedback on this topic. Whether you would like a D.I.Y unit and would be happy to just put it together or not. Customer feedback is very important to us. So please feel free to message us !

Thanks for the input !

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