With a little bit of this and a little bit of that!

Giving your home an uplift

Its never an easy thing when you decide to decorate or redecorate your home. It starts as a seed of an idea to maybe just change the colour of a room then seems to escalate into a major refurbishment. Seriously though it does not have to become an expensive process. There are so many different ways to give your home a little up lift. I am just going to put a few ideas out there, which are simple and effective.

Keep it simple

The easiest thing to do is change the colour of a room by painting it. Paint is relatively cheap and painting is quick and satisfying. Added to this maybe a few throws on the sofa and some new curtains and cushions and bingo an instant lift to your room. That’s as simple as it gets. However if you want to go a bit more into it why not consider a different painting technique for the walls and maybe a feature wall ? A feature wall is a main wall that is the focus of your room. Maybe its a fireplace with alcoves or just a large blank wall that houses the tv stand? This is a real good wall to add a contrasting paint colour too and highlight the room.

Keep it natural

Years ago wood and tongue and groove were the in thing on walls and it seems its making a bit of a comeback now. I have noticed that people are either putting natural wood on walls or utilising the kind of furniture that I make. The industrial look is great and it actually works with a myriad of ideas and colours too. Honestly in this case more is definitely not less. It is both functional and a great talking point. So imagine maybe a lovely wood burner with alcoves either side with maybe some stunning waney edged wood shelving. This is a  sawn plank of wood still retaining a natural edge of bark along one or both sides of the piece of timber. It is then sanded and waxed or simply oiled to bring out the grain, So, see how the new room is starting to take shape now? Are your ideas beginning to flow? I tend to write my ideas down and do little drawings too! Interior design blogs are also a great way of getting ideas, along with magazines. If you don’t know how to do something then I strongly suggest you look at Youtube videos. They are a perfect and visual how-to library.

An appreciation for handmade items

I am also a great believer in handmade items and really would like to dispel the myth that they are expensive. Honestly they are not. Even the furniture which I make is not expensive compared to the big mass produced items that the well known stockists make, I’m happy to get enough to pay for my materials and a little bit of my time. Most hand crafters do it for enjoyment and you will be amazed at the alternative items which are out there.

Helpful information

Here is a link to a Facebook group in the UK which is full of buyers and sellers and anyone, including you, can join. Try it and see and who knows in time you may find that you are really good at making things and want to join the handmade army!


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