Copper Pipework’s role in the furniture industry of Wales, UK.

Copper Pipework for the Furniture Industry

Use of Copper in the industry is not a new concept, but the use of copper pipework in the furniture industry is a new trend especially in Wales, UK. Copper is a single metal with multiple benefits. Copper is highly tensile metal and doesn’t corrode easily. Despite its strength and tensile behaviour, it is also a malleable metal and reforms to a new shape easily, which is a benefit for workers who deal with it. Due to all of these benefits, people like the look and feel of copper pipework furniture and this industry is growing.

Industrial Furniture and Copper Pipework

The furniture may vary with industry but it is a mandatory thing for any company. There is always a specific budget for furniture that a company sets aside money for. It may be for its initial purchase or for renewing or for repairing but it shares a large amount from the company’s profit. 

It makes economical sense

There are several reasons that the industry is switching to copper pipework furniture. Suppose, a 3 tier copper and wood wall unit costs about £62 but the same traditional tier will cost about £100 which is a big margin from an industry’s profit. Moreover, copper pipework’s furniture is lightweight and occupies less space than traditional furniture. If you are going to purchase furniture of copper pipework for a new business or switch to copper pipework furniture, your problem is solved. With Brenmac Designs  you can send us you specification and we will design you a chic elegant piece of furniture. Each item is bespoke made and unique to you.

Home Decoration with Copper Pipework

We always use different items and styles to decorate our home. Why not try our range of shelving and copper pipework units which are not only cheaper but also so beautiful. If you want to redecorate in a different style try using copper pipework and reclaimed wood. It is bang on trend and the way to go. 

Brenmac Designs

Brenmac Designs is an independent copper pipework’s company located in Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK. We always care about what our customers want and all our handmade items are bespoke made to your dimensions, each product of copper pipework is specially made by hand. Our amazing range not only includes shelving but also bar backs to, which can be personalised. Gin or Wine bars are very popular at the moment.

Have a look through our shop and get some idea’s of what you could have then get in touch.