Copper is on-trend and making a real come back

Bespoke copper feature piece
Bespoke copper feature piece

Seeking honest, simple and understated interior styles

Home Decor Trends – there’s no escaping them. Whether you live by them or feel totally unaffected, from popular paint shades to furniture choices, everything designed for our homes is influenced by a wider trend.

Honest, simple and understated styles through furniture and accessories that complement the interior home or office help make a room feel relaxed and comfortable, rather than overly minimalist.

Home and business owners now want to create ‘real’ character within their surroundings and are therefore seeking items that are handcrafted, artisan style pieces made from raw materials and finished in an unrefined way for that natural but unique feel.

People want to create something unique; they will search for items for the home to achieve this and are now more willing than ever to invest in quality pieces, rather than quick-fix buys.

How to make a room interesting

To add interest to a room, textures and tactile qualities are taking the place of bold colours with key pieces, such as royal blue or ruby being mixed with warmer tones of ochre, rose, and bronze. For the finishing touch, overlay with metallics – think gleaming gold, burnished copper, brushed brass and sleaky silvers to create a mix that truly complements and invites.

Overstated or understated metallic touches

Hands up if your home is a constantly evolving mix of all the things you love – as it should be. But, as with new season fashion trends we see new emerging new home decor trends each season, that tempt us to update our homes – rather than change them entirely.

The comeback of copper and brass is definitely more than a fad with many designers and brands introducing these into their collections to meet the demands of the end user in providing them with the trends that they seek.

When it comes to metallic touches, consumers want these from either end of the spectrum, understated raw materials or overstated bling, there is no in-between.

Copper is so much more…

Copper reinvents itself time and time again to be on-trend with its blush tones that are so pleasing and easy on the eye, yet colourful.

Now a modern metal that has made a comeback time after time in line with demands and trends, and each time there’s a new and innovative twist in how its character and quality can be maximised to create a unique standing within a room.

Copper is so versatile. It can be highly polished or age in the most beautiful of ways through natural oxidisation to breath a life of its own.  From being a natural conductor of energy that holds a power to heal body and mind by naturopaths, to highlighting decor in the most amazing ways. The tones provide a warm, rustic feel, while the metallic aspect adds a balance of modernity for that unique touch.

This soft metallic hue can also be incorporated well into your living room décor, mixing retro with modern design. Plus, it pairs well with multiple colour schemes, but looks especially great with charcoal and slate greys, rich navies, and delicate blush pinks to bring a warm and sophisticated glow that can come as understated as you like to create that true element of cool.

If you have a space that needs that metallic look view our collection or share what’s in your mind and Brenmac Designs will create it for you.

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